Salut ! My name is Kat and I am a twentysomething French Canadian. While I was born and raised in the Great White North, my lifelong love affair with Europe has led me to live in England, Germany, Hungary, and now France, where I currently reside in Paris with my cat, Nino.

I am a bilingual, digital marketer, and avid reader and writer. I love a lot of things, with current favourites being ballet, Serge Gainsbourg, thrifting, emerging technologies & Eastern European fruit brandy.

How to Become Parisian is my pet project, where I share what I’ve learned living in the French capital. From acquiring a visa, to opening a bank account, to the best swimming pools for hot summer days, to picking the perfect products at those magical French pharmacies, I cover everything I can, sharing my experiences with those who want to – or in the process of becoming – a bonafide Parisian.

Interested? C’est parti !